Zarifeh Magnet Therapy Ltd was founded in 1999. Combining elegant jewellery designs with the benefits of magnet therapy. Zarifeh is recognised as a leader within the industry with 22 years experience and has supplied major pharmacy chains and outlets throughout the UK  
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Zarifeh provides high quality, stylish magnet products at affordable prices.  
One bracelet costs no more than a trip to a chiropractor ! 
Zarifeh’ s magnet products can be purchased from many retailers or here online. 
Boots - Lloyds - Co-op Pharmacies - AAH - Unichem + many independant pharmacies incl Dudley Taylor - Revital - Day Lewis  
Manichem - IPCC - P&O Ferries - Stenna Line - Malaysia Airlines - British Airways - Golf and Health Clubs - Wyvale Garden Centres  
Scholl - Fenwick to mention a few. 
Magnet Therapy has been in use for many years. Magnetic bracelets, wraps, sports supports, pillow and mattress liners are used to help assist the body’s natural healing process. 
Magnet therapy has been a popular alternative therapy and has been well documented in the media. Magnet therapy is suited to people from all walks of life, including professional athletes. Our brand and products have grown in popularity within the sports arena, particularly within the world of golf where touring professionals look to magnet therapy to assist repetitive strain injury. Our Zarifeh Sport supports are worn by many European Tour professionals. 










Evidence that magnets were used to heal a number of ailments can be found as far back as 200BC when the fathers of alternative medicine, the Chinese, were harnessing magnetic healing power or 40BC when Cleopatra and the Egyptians were utilising their properties. Cleopatra and the Egyptians took the use of magnets to a new level by adding their own unique style of elegance that complimented the magnet's health-giving properties. 
It is still a very much respected therapy in other parts of the world, for instance it is claimed up to seven million Japanese sleep on magnetic mattress pads . The health shops and pharmacies in Japan carry shelf upon shelf of magnetic products boasting an enormous variety of manufacturers providing every conceivable device. 
In this modern age we are often rushing around struggling with a hectic lifestyle. This sometimes drains our energy resources and can lead to a number of ailments. We can also be laid low with conditions that impair our enjoyment of life. This can then lead to buying vitamins, using therapies and supplements to try to redress the body's delicate balance. 
With magnets there are no intricate, time-consuming or expensive procedures to be repeated time after time - the use of magnets, either in the form of jewellery, supports or sleep systems, is entirely natural. Magnets help assist the body to heal itself naturally by increasing blood circulation so that oxygen, nutrients and cells can be carried around the body more efficiently. 
The wealth of evidence from regular magnet users is supported by many respected medical experts from around the world advocating the benefits of magnets. For example many professional sportsmen and women take advantage of the magnet's calming properties while on tour, and a retired rugby player and coach insists it used to take him about twenty minutes to get his body moving in the morning, with all the stiffness and fatigue picked up from injuries over the years, and now he says magnets have made this completely disappear. 
Magnets don't heal they assist the body to heal its self naturally. 
Magnetic therapy is one of the most versatile non-invasive therapies known to man. 
Below are just few of the ailments that magnet therapy has helped with 
Raynaud's disease 
Joint and muscle problems 
Sports injuries 
Sleep problems 
Premenstrual tension 
To mention a few 


Magnet Therapy is essentially a natural therapy, free from the complex or intricate procedures involved in acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis or elaborate diets. With Magnet therapy no medicine is taken orally or injected into the body. A magnet is the only instrument used, it is not magic. It does not heal anything, rather it stimulates the body to heal itself. 
The magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet placed across the body harmlessly penetrates the skin tissue and bones. Many of our customers are now enjoying relief from stress, backache, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis and sleeping problems as a result of the benefits of magnets. 
To prepare body by: Increasing blood circulation, which warms muscles and supplies Oxygen. Relaxing and lengthening soft tissue. 
To maintain body by: Increasing blood circulation, which strengthens muscles. Increases flexibility, giving better performance. 
To aid recovery by: Increasing circulation, giving quicker removal of toxins Alters pH balance, which makes body less acidic. Increased oxygen flow, giving quicker healing of injuries. 


The instruction in Magnet Therapy is much simpler and the method safer than most therapies. It has been demonstrated that both electromagnets and permanent magnets are highly effective for treating many ailments and pains, restoring energy and improving the functioning of the immune system. 
Millions of people all around the world use the effect of magnets: 
To promote well-being 
Relieve pain 
Reduce Stress 
Boost energy levels 
Relieve Mild depression 
Magnets help to increase the circulation enabling the blood stream to transport oxygen, nutrients and cells around the body. The blood stream helps the body to dispose of toxins, naturally transporting them to the kidneys so that they may be flushed out. If the circulation is right, the body is able to heal itself. 
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