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Q How many magnets are in your bangles/bracelets? 
A Our bangles contain a minimum of two magnets as they sit near the pulse area, whereas some of our bracelets have a magnet in each link . Each magnet has a minimum gauss reading of 1200+ most being around 1700 - 1900+. 
Q What is Tesla? Newspaper articles recommend 170m Tesla 
A Tesla is another way to measure the strength. 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss, 170m = 0.17 Tesla, therefore 170m Tesla = 1700 Gauss. It is recognised within the industry that magnets of 800 - 1000 gauss are suitable for health benefits. 
Q Does either the bangle or bracelet need to touch the skin? 
A No - Magnets are a force of energy and produce a magnetic field which does not need to touch the skin, although they need to be near the pulse. Copper in bangles only needs to touch the skin. 
Q What size do I need? 
A Whatever you feel most comfortable with - the bracelets should not fall down over your hand and you should be comfortable. 
Q Why does the wrist sometimes turn green? 
A Only copper bangles turn the wrist green. This actually shows the copper is working (easily washed off with soap and water). 
Q Do magnets really work? 
A Magnets have been used worldwide for centuries by The Chinese, Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. 
Q Are all your bangles/bracelets made of copper? 
A Some of our bangles are copper based with shiny Rhodium or matt Rhodium finish. The bracelets are produced from stainless steel , titanium or copper with Rhodium finish. 
Q How long will the bracelet/magnets last? 
A Magnets - they will not lose their strength for a long time - unless treated roughly or broken. 
Bracelets - should be treated as costume jewellery and will last as long as you look after them. Some will tarnish eventually nothing in life is forever and when its your health - no expense should be spared. 
Q Should you wear the product all the time? 
A For the maximum effect a magnet bracelet should be worn all the time however if swimming in a pool/sea any costume jewellery may tarnish. (we cannot cater for high chlorine levels) Stainless steel bracelets are much more hardwearing. 
Q Do more magnets mean better results
A The minimum amount of magnets in our bangles are two, this is because they sit right next to the pulse area. The bracelets have more but this is because they are worn slightly loose and at any time there will be magnets near the pulse area. 
Q Which arm should I wear it on? 
A You may wear it on either arm as you have a pulse in both wrists. Whichever is more comfortable? The magnets if worn too close may affect some watches. 
Q Will magnets affect my watch? 
A Some may be affected, normally if they have a battery in the watch. May be better to wear on the other hand. 
Q Can children wear a copper/magnetic bracelet? 
A Yes - but if in doubt please consult your doctor first. 
Q Can magnets affect your credit cards? 
A It has been known for the magnet to affect the magnetic strip on your cards and invalidate them only if actually placed on the credit card. 
(Husbands love this!!) 
Q Are there any side effects? 
A Sometimes and only sometimes, when you start wearing a magnet bracelet you may feel slight nausea, this is due to the magnet taking effect, please try to persevere, as you will soon feel the benefits. 
We have only heard of 6 cases in 15 years 
Q Pregnant women? can they wear magnets? 
A They should consult their doctor first just to check. 
Q How should I treat my bracelet? 
A Your bracelet should be treated as costume jewellery and not sprayed with hairspray or perfume. Our NEW Crystal stainless steel Bracelets can be worn whilst bathing or showering  
Q Are Jewellers able to adjust my bracelet? 
A Yes, but they will charge you - if there are any problems we do offer this service at no charge you just pay min postage back. 
Q Are all your bracelets adjustable? 
A Mostly link bracelets are adjustable the bangles are not. 
Link bracelets can only be adjusted by the size of the link. 
Treat your Magnets with respect and they will last longer 
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