Multi Purpose Pad £40.00

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Contains 40 Powerful  
1000+ Gauss Magnets 
Helps to: 
- Promote Well-being 
- Relieve Pain 
- Reduce Stress 
- Boost Energy Levels 
- Relieve Mild Depression 
Only Zarifeh Magnet Mattress Pad has these fine qualities features: 
- Innovative 3-layer design includes 100% cotton upper and lower covers and deluxe padded, fibre-filled centre for maximum body comfort 
- Pad contains 40 powerful magnets, strategically spaced throughout the pad surface for complete coverage to the entire body 
- Magnets are quilted right into the soft padding with the negative (north) field facing the body 
- Durable, quilted construction ensures years of comfortable use 
The ‘N’ tag should be facing upwards when you use the pad. 
Magnet Therapy is essentially a natural therapy, free from the complex or intricate procedures involved in acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis or elaborate diets. With Magnet therapy no medicine is taken orally or injected into the body. A magnet is the only instrument used, it is not magic. It does not heal anything; rather it stimulates the body to heal itself. The magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet placed across the body harmlessly penetrates the skin tissue and bones. 
Size: 13 x 18 " 
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